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The Super Sesh Saver for the Discerning Skater

Monday, January 26th, 2015

You have a spare tire and a jack in your trunk just in case your car breaks down, so why aren’t you just as cautious with you skates?

Yeah, if your car takes a crap on the way to a sesh, you’ll be pissed, but if your old P.O.S. gets you there and you chunk a wheel, can’t slide, or lose a frame bolt, you’ll be as equally bummed.

That’s why AMall put together the Roadside Assistance Pack years ago, giving you the essentials you need to keep the juice flowing in your sesh.

The Amall Roadside Assistance Pack is a steal at $19.99, covering all the basics of what could go wrong while you’re shredding.

But everyone knows a full-size spare is better than that little donut in the back that’s only good for 30 miles at no faster than a tortoise crawls.

Give your emergency pack the Ferrari upgrade with the new PREMIUM Roadside Assistance Pack.

For $44.99, you get the following:
- a set of Eulogy wheels
- Amall ABEC 9s, tested by the Amall team
- a bar of the world-famous Amall wax
- two long-handled allen keys
- two 18mm frame bolts

If you do the math–and don’t worry because we did that for you–all separately that’s worth over $60.

Keep this handy pack in your trunk, glove compartment, or in your bag as you blade. It could either save your sesh, or upgrade it completely, depending on how you already roll.

New Tees Please

Tuesday, August 5th, 2014

There is nothing like getting a hair cut, rolling on a new pair of socks and putting on a clean new t-shirt. Don’t it feel great? Like a million bucks!

Below are the new rollerblading tees to cover you for part of the equation. Click the pics to get yours today.

Neil did cut his bangs for the pictures and was wearing new Them Goods socks so you can easily tell that he is feeling like a new man. Gawds socks coming soon hopefully!

AM Yall Like Skatin? Tee Tye Dye ($25) Available in Navy also.
Amall Y'all Like Skatin? Tee Tye Dye

AM 96 Raglan Tee Red ($28) Available in Black also.
AM 96 Raglan Tee Red

Gawds We Trust Tee ($28) Available in White also.
Gawds We Trust Tee

Gawds Glory Tee ($28) Available in Black also.
Gawds Glory Tee

Click here for our entire selection of t-shirts for you to wear out blading and in the public sector.

We Love Mondays

Monday, August 4th, 2014

Nolte loves Mondays.

Even after a weekend full of rollerblading, come Monday Nolte is at the shop bright and early getting things rolling smoothly. He knows how to start the week off right because he has made the proper preparations.

Are you ready for the skate sessions this week? Come next weekend are you prepared to take full advantage of the long skating days?

Love Mondays like we do and attack the week with full velocity and handle your business.

None of this, “My skates are broke but I can’t fix them or get new ones because my pockets are broke.”

Need a boost? We’ve got a new package deal to help you roll smooth and roll clean with all of your stuff strapped to your back. It even comes with a free bar of wax to replace the one that got left behind at the skate spot the other day.

Things are looking real good this Monday.

MTN DVSN Adventure Time Package Deal (Starting @ $95.00)
MTN DVSN Adventure Time Package Deal

New MTN DVSN Backpacks: Panther Pack and Rucksack

Wednesday, July 30th, 2014

MTN DVSN just air dropped their new backpacks in 4 colorways a few weeks ago and we’ve been field testing them with so much enjoyment that we forgot to update the blog. The nice dudes at MTN DVSN decided to blow the competition out of the water and release both their newly designed Panther Pack and an updated version of their tried and proven Rucksack.

I have literally used my MTN DVSN Rucksack everyday since I picked it up during the first release and it has been the best backpack that I have owned in my life. In fact it has been so durable that I don’t even need to try their new packs but I can’t help myself when I find a product that truly works good! Civilian folks (civis) ask me all the time if they can check out my backpack because they’ve been searching for one like it.

The search is over. (Click here or on the pictures for complete descriptions, details, features and pictures)



Click here or go to and add all of the MTN DVSN backpacks that you want to the cart and at check out enter DEATHMTN in the coupon code box and $5 will be subtracted for each pack. Easy peasy!

MTN DVSN Panther Pack: Black/Red or Tan ($65)
MTN DVSN Panther Pack

Mountain Division Panther Back Pack

MTN DVSN Panther Pack Tan

MTN DVSN Panther Backpack and Skates

MTN DVSN Rucksack: Black or Tan ($75)
MTN DVSN Rucksack Black Back Pack

Mountain Division Rucksack Black

MTN DVSN Rucksack Tan Backpack

MTN DVSN Rucksack and Skates



Click here or go to and add all of the MTN DVSN backpacks that you want to the cart and at check out enter DEATHMTN in the coupon code box and $5 will be subtracted for each pack. Easy peasy!

USD presents their DIY Carbon boot: Pre-Order Now!

Wednesday, July 30th, 2014

What if you could wake up one morning, hit the reset button on your life and start with a blank slate without 99 problems?

Well you are dreaming if you think life works like that but luckily for your new skates, USD provides the opportunity to have a fresh canvas to color however you desire.

The new USD DIY Carbon Boot has a special skin that is specifically designed to let you easily apply your artistic skills to create a unique masterpiece.

Start with a Blank Canvas…
USD DIY Carbon Skate Boot

And POW right in the kisser!
USD Do It Yourself DIY Carbon Boot

The possibilities are only limited by your massive imagination so PRE-ORDER* your pair today and start sketching out or computer rendering your designs right this second.

No art skills whatsoever? Really, none? Then you will have to stick with one of the other great aggressive skate boots here.

*Expected to be available in early August

New USD Throne Skates

Monday, June 9th, 2014

People have been chomping at the bit for the new USD Thones to come out. In the Right corner we have the USD Classic Throne weighing in at just shy of 190 and available right here.

USD Classic Throne 2014

And over in the left corner we have the USD Evo Throne weighing in at the same price, $189.99.

USD Evo Thrones 2014

Step your freshie game up and cop a pair before it’s too late. If we know anything about USD, once they’re gone, they are GONE.

More combos than your local Mc Donalds.

Wednesday, May 21st, 2014

Don’t settle for just the burger when you can get the fries with the shake. The best way to save a bit a change is to swoop up some of these package deals that we got going on over here at Amall.

No matter what your budget is, no matter what you are looking to buy, we have got you covered. If you don’t believe me, I feel bad for you son. I gotta 98 problems, but a package deal ain’t one. Check out the most delicious menu that any rollerblader has ever feasted their eyes upon.


Can’t go skating without skates. Most of these packs come with some basic necessities as well as plenty of other accessories that will keep you rolling strong.

Razor Brian Aragon 6 Package Deal

The “Essential” pack for $369

Razor SL 1 Stealth Pack

The “Stealth” Pack for $319

Razor Genesys 10 Deluxe Pack

The “Deluxe” Pack for $279

Razor Cult Street Blue Starter Pack

The “Starter” Pack for $179

Razor Genesys Jr 2014 Snack Pack

And for the little man, the “Snack Pack” for $159

Ready to Roll Frames

Whether you want to add these to a boot only or you are upgrading your worn out blades, the ready to roll frames are a perfect way to save a chunk of cash on a prime setup.

Kaltik Ready To Roll

Kaltik Need For Speed Ready to Roll for $179

Valo Diesel Ready To Roll

Valo Diesel Ready To Roll for $74

GC Toxic Avenger Ready to Roll

GC Toxic Avenger Ready to Roll for $69

Kaltik White Castle Ready To Roll

Kaltik White Castle Ready to Roll for $64

Wheels and Bearings

Revitalize your setup with any of our wheel and bearing package deals. No matter what setup you are looking for, we have tons of options at all different sorts of price ranges.

Soichiro Flatline Pack

The Soichiro Flatline Pack For $99

B Free Rejuvenation Pack

The Rejuvenation Pack for $74

Gawds Colt 45 Pack

Gawds Colt 45 Pack for $69

Chris Haffey Park Pack

Chris Haffey Park Pack for $69

Erik Bailey Street Killer Pack

The Erik Bailey Street Killer Pack for $45

The Be Free with B Free Pack

The Be Free with B Free Pack for $39

Misc Combo

Americana Combo Pack

The Americana combo for $22

Sonic Smooth Criminal Pack

Th Sonic Smooth Criminal Pack for $17

Nils Jansons Pro Remz Skate. Yea, we got that.

Friday, May 2nd, 2014


That’s the only way to describe Nils Jansons skating. Pure unharnessed power. In an era where going big is nearly frowned upon, this kid still goes big.

Real big.

Getting a pro boot from Remz is something that only a select few have achieved, and Nils definitely earned it.

Remz Nils Jansons Pro Skate - Aggesssivemall

These are going to be yours for only $319 and are available here.

A subtle black and white color scheme hides the actual innovations on this skates. Like the HR skates that came before this one, the Nils comes with the new True Balance souls which alleviate the strange lean that comes with all the older Remz skates. While you scuzz balls might like your sprite heavy on the lean, these skates come with none.
And then the liner

Remz Nils Jansons Pro Skate Liner - Aggressivemall

Subtle changes like improved materials coincide with bigger switches, like a lace up system as well as a hard plastic piece on the tongue to alleviate the pressure of the buckles around your ankle.

As we have seen, Nils goes big. This shock absorber reflects that.

Remz Nils Jansons Pro Skate Shock and Insole - Aggressivemall

This shock absorber is 12mm, about double the standard Remz shock size, the liner comes equipped with the famous yellow jug insole that I have been trying to steal from Shawn Storm for the last 4 years.

Long story short, you best get theses skates before the Ducks get pissed.

New Aragon 6 in stock now!!

Wednesday, April 30th, 2014

Razors is back at it like a crack addict with their new Aragon 6 SL Pro Skates.

Razor Brian Aragon 6 Pro SL Skate - Aggressivemall

These skates feature a new skin that is beefed up (like so much Wellington) in key areas to help ensure that your skates don’t resemble the shredded pork sandwich that I am going to eat while watching the Kings roast the Sharks after budsing the skatepark for a bit with about 3 or 7 of my homies and maybe a couple of their friends if they get off work in time to hit the park with us before we shake to get the glorious pork sandos. (Was that a run on? Couldn’t tell)

But anywho…

These skates come with the brand spanking new Featherlite 3 frames, and they retail for $299. Follow le link to see the skates.

Oh, and boot only?

Yea, we got that.

Razor Brian Aragon 6 Pro SL Skate Boot Only - Aggressivemall

$249 son!!! Click Here to peep le gamé.

SSM Bloodline 2 Now Available

Wednesday, January 8th, 2014

The much talked about, much anticipated all white Bloodline 2s are now available.

SSM Bloodline 2

Starting at $219 the Bloodline 2 skates will have you rolling in style with out breaking the bank. Check out the complete skate here.

The all white boot makes for some pretty nifty custom setups.

SSM Bloodline 2

The base price is $189, feel free to check out the options here.

Xsjado Sean Kelso Skates. Back in Sti-nock

Wednesday, January 8th, 2014

Just re-upped on the Sean Kelso Pro Skates. If you haven’t seen them, they are mainly black with some subtle accents. Camo padding, orange buttons, and a cuff that is best described as indescribable. You’d be better off ogling it real fast.

Xsjado Sean Kelso

For only $269, the complete skate comes with the GC frames, Abec 9 bearings and Shred wheels. Check them out here.

The boot only is only $239 and is the perfect platform to build your own sick setup to rival anything Tim would come up with.

Xsjado Sean Kelso Boot Only

Speaking of Sean Kelso, let us take a moment and talk about how fucking SICK KCMO is.

Sean MoFuggin Kelso


If you want to avoid a beating, I highly suggest that you mozy on over to and shell out your weekly St. John’s allowance for some high power budsing. If that is not too much your thing, according to my little sister, the new season of the Bachelor just started, so you might want to watch that instead.

Fight off the ICE this winter with some new threads

Monday, January 6th, 2014

Things have been getting quite chilly here in the bay. While there might not be snow on the ground, the amount of Ice (Gene) in the area is at an all time high. Unfortunately, my trusty M65 jacket that has kept me warm for the past couple years is slowly succumbing to the rigors of the bus life and is facing the same fate as the Hawaiian Crow.

All is not lost since the fine folks in Sunnyvale have released some brand new sweat-tars to keep everyone warm during these harsh winter months.

First up is the ever so popular crew necks. These come in two colorways, the Oaktown

Amall Oaktown Crew Neck

And the Frisco

Amall Frisco Crew Neck

Both are named for some semi obvious reasons, and feature the Inked Laurel logo which is supposed to resemble a stamp on your chest.

If crew necks aren’t really your thing, then step on over across the aisle to the hooded section of the sweat-tar department. Black is the new black, and we took both the kettle and the pot’s input when we made this hoody.

Amall Hoody Black

The yellow on black hoody is fresh enough that you might be confused for whiz califas next time you are outside the mezzanine. You won’t however, be mistaken for Troy Polamalu since, lets face it, you dont even lift.

We also have a nice lightweight zip up hoody. Featuring a subtle logo on the left breast as well as a larger framed laurel logo on the back, this hoody is perfect if you are looking for something less bold.

Amall Framed Hoody

Lastly, if you live in Florida, or some other region where the coldest part of the year is margarita time, we still have you covered with a new tee shirt.

Amall Inked Laurel Tee Smoke

Feel free to partake in the post holiday tradition of buyingcoolshitforyourself © and pick up some cool new shit.

PS, have you ever seen a shirt this cool?

Ace Sanders Criminals Tee

Ace Sanders just sent word that he is coming, and that he is pissed.

Valo TV.3 Camo and Cobalts, at your disposal.

Thursday, November 14th, 2013

The wait is over, the drought has ended, the skates have arrived.

The much anticipated Camouflage TV.3 as well as the Cobalts are available complete with Valo frames, Valo wheels, and GC 42mm anti rockers for only $224.00

Valo TV.3

These are one of those rare breed of skates that actually look as good in real life as they do in the pictures.

Valo TV.3 Cobalts

But yes, thems be real purty, dontchathink?

Valo TV.3 Camo

If you wanted a quick upgrade that isn’t going to crush your bank account make sure you check out the Featherlite Setup which comes with the Shred ‘Til You’re Dead Wheels as well as the Amall Champion Strength ABEC 9 Bearings for only $239.95. The upgrade to the ABEC 9 bearings alone make this deal a steal and a half considering the bearings retail at $19.95.

Cobalt TV.3 Featherlite Setup

And of course lets not forget the custom for those of you who will not allow your creativity to be stifled.

Valo TV.3 Custom

As with all the custom skates, the foto is merely for example, so make sure you select the parts that you really want and need. Make sure you check these out before they are sold out forever, cause God knows once skates are gone, they are…

New Xsjado Skates in Stock

Tuesday, November 12th, 2013

Xsjado came correct with their most recent line of skates. The Farmer 5 is their new 2.0 shell with upgraded features as well as a super unique lower cuff with a snow leopard print.

Farmer 5

These skates come boot only, but we went ahead and created a great looking Featherlite setup that won’t do significant damage to your bank account.

Xsjado Farmer 5 Featherlite Setup

This setup will runs $289 and comes complete with ABEC 9 bearings, something that you will be hard pressed to find anywhere else.

You can check out Farmer himself busting out on his blades in his newest edit

The Avant III skates are also out now

Xsjado Avant 3 Skates

The sleek blue design comes with the classic Xsjado shell, but has the updated 2.0 souls. These skates run complete for $259 and come stock with the Kizer Fluid 4 frame.

So whether you are getting your holiday shop on or simply need to replace your dusty ass, semi functional, 2 year old, cracked to pieces buster blades, Xsjado has got you covered with their new lineup.

While he delivers you your skates, we deliver him his.

Thursday, October 10th, 2013

Gene just copped a fresh pair of SL 1 skates and asked super employee Tim Kahana to hooks hims ups just the way he likes his setup.

Some Fresh SL 1 Customs

I had to ask him why he chose his setup, and here is the response straight from the mouth of the animal that Indians used to ride,

I got my skate out of the box and just switched the frames to F1xs because I like how they are more sturdy and don’t feel as flimsy as Featherlites. I also got some Haffey Eulogy wheels because they roll really smooth because they are 89a and they last a while in skate parks or on street. I kept the liner stock and they feel like jugs once they are broken in a bit. These skate are super light and I can’t wait to shred these/

Whats up with that wrist guard?

I got them from aMALL because I hurt my wrist doing a stupid gap. It still hurts a year later so this wrist guard helps me feel safe when I fall and keeps from injuring it even more.

Razors SL 1 Custom

You can customize your SL 1s like Gene, or set them up however you want here on the SL 1 Custom page by clicking here

Peep Genes latest edit if you havent seen it

Don’t forget that he is taking on fools at this weekends Meat Up. $50 in Amall cash is on the line.