New USD Throne Skates

June 9th, 2014 by OLD MONEY

People have been chomping at the bit for the new USD Thones to come out. In the Right corner we have the USD Classic Throne weighing in at just shy of 190 and available right here.

USD Classic Throne 2014

And over in the left corner we have the USD Evo Throne weighing in at the same price, $189.99.

USD Evo Thrones 2014

Step your freshie game up and cop a pair before it’s too late. If we know anything about USD, once they’re gone, they are GONE.

Don’t be like Mike, be like Chris.

May 22nd, 2014 by OLD MONEY

I’ll go ahead and say it: Jordan is played. Everyone wants be like the OLD king of air, Michael Jordan. The thing is, there is a new king of Flight in town, and he doesn’t play for the Bulls.

Chris Haffey has always been called superman for the crunk ass tricks that he has thrown down on his blades, but this time, he is legitimately flying through the air like le man de steele.

These stunts are by no means an accident. He did not “get lucky” landing these. This wasn’t a fluke sesh were he was feeling the juice.

Dude has the skill.

Besides the immense amount of practice and dedication that goes into learning and perfecting these tricks, you have to make sure that your equipment game is real strong.

That being said, we present the Chris Haffey Park Pack.

Chris Haffey Park Pack. Eulogy Wheels. Bones Swiss.

The Park Pack features a set of 4 Eulogy Chris Haffey 58mm 88a wheels as well as a set of 8 Bones Swiss Bearings. Both of these are considered the best in their respective field. This combo only runs $69.95 and you can get it shipped out for about the same price as a double double with fries and a drink. Peep game right over here.

Chris Haffey Eulogy Wheels

They 58mm profile ensures maximum speed while the 88a hardness gives a smooth ride as well as that crucial grip mandatory for the high speeds.

Bones Swiss Bearings

The Bone Swiss Bearings have long had a well deserved reputation of being the best bearings available on the Market at a price that won’t force you to survive of thrown away tortillas and ramen noodles like a dumpster duck. With a little bit of care and maintenance, you can very easily get multiple years of use out of your Bones Swiss Bearings.

Chris Haffey Vibralux Jeans

While fashion is not nearly as important as your actual hardware, it might be time to toss your beat up, junker, stained to all hell thrift shop jeans and cop some of the brand new Chris Haffey Vibralux Jeans. Shit is madd player. Be sure to check them jams out right over here.

More combos than your local Mc Donalds.

May 21st, 2014 by OLD MONEY

Don’t settle for just the burger when you can get the fries with the shake. The best way to save a bit a change is to swoop up some of these package deals that we got going on over here at Amall.

No matter what your budget is, no matter what you are looking to buy, we have got you covered. If you don’t believe me, I feel bad for you son. I gotta 98 problems, but a package deal ain’t one. Check out the most delicious menu that any rollerblader has ever feasted their eyes upon.


Can’t go skating without skates. Most of these packs come with some basic necessities as well as plenty of other accessories that will keep you rolling strong.

Razor Brian Aragon 6 Package Deal

The “Essential” pack for $369

Razor SL 1 Stealth Pack

The “Stealth” Pack for $319

Razor Genesys 10 Deluxe Pack

The “Deluxe” Pack for $279

Razor Cult Street Blue Starter Pack

The “Starter” Pack for $179

Razor Genesys Jr 2014 Snack Pack

And for the little man, the “Snack Pack” for $159

Ready to Roll Frames

Whether you want to add these to a boot only or you are upgrading your worn out blades, the ready to roll frames are a perfect way to save a chunk of cash on a prime setup.

Kaltik Ready To Roll

Kaltik Need For Speed Ready to Roll for $179

Valo Diesel Ready To Roll

Valo Diesel Ready To Roll for $74

GC Toxic Avenger Ready to Roll

GC Toxic Avenger Ready to Roll for $69

Kaltik White Castle Ready To Roll

Kaltik White Castle Ready to Roll for $64

Wheels and Bearings

Revitalize your setup with any of our wheel and bearing package deals. No matter what setup you are looking for, we have tons of options at all different sorts of price ranges.

Soichiro Flatline Pack

The Soichiro Flatline Pack For $99

B Free Rejuvenation Pack

The Rejuvenation Pack for $74

Gawds Colt 45 Pack

Gawds Colt 45 Pack for $69

Chris Haffey Park Pack

Chris Haffey Park Pack for $69

Erik Bailey Street Killer Pack

The Erik Bailey Street Killer Pack for $45

The Be Free with B Free Pack

The Be Free with B Free Pack for $39

Misc Combo

Americana Combo Pack

The Americana combo for $22

Sonic Smooth Criminal Pack

Th Sonic Smooth Criminal Pack for $17

Coffee Makes the World Go Round

May 21st, 2014 by OLD MONEY

The new Alex Broskow V13 Coffee joints are finally out and shipping.

Valo Alex Broskow V13 Coffee Skate

These skates check in at a cool 204 clams, so you can be styling and still have money for coffee. Stock, they come with the classic Valo frame as well as their 58mm wheels and 42mm anti rockers.

You can always customize them to hearts desire, starting at 169 for the boot only. Here we threw the UC Brown team wheels and the brand new Featherlite 3 frames on them. Check them out here!

Valo Alex Broskow Coffee Skates Custom

In case you missed it, make sure you check out the promo video for the skates right here. Some of these tricks are so crunk that I bailed in the warehouse trying to replicate them on my shoes.

Alex Broskow V13 “Coffee” Pro Model Promo from Themgoods on Vimeo.

Cash Clip Switch Up Ganador!!!!!

May 7th, 2014 by NOT DRE

Well, the latest Cash Clip has come to an end. If you live in a shack in New Hampshire and don’t know what the Cash Clip is, I will break it down.

You have a month to submit one clip of our choosing. Winner gets 2 scundo. Muy simple, yes?

This month, the trick was one switch up. ONE. Not two, one. In the interest of clarity, let me further explain. Topsoul to Frontside is A OK! That is only one switch up.

Here is the promo shot that we made for the contest. Just a bunch of examples of what was considered to be a legal entry.

This month’s Cash Clip was rather different from the ones of month’s prior since the contestant was able to select the trick as well as the spot.
This month’s winner was…(drumroll)


His trick was unheard of, literally. No one here has ever seen an AO Acid to Neg Porn. Shit was crunk, not to mention done oh so smoove. But don’t take my word for it, come peep it right here.

Hope yall stay tuned and peep the next installment of the Cash Clip.

Nils Jansons Pro Remz Skate. Yea, we got that.

May 2nd, 2014 by OLD MONEY


That’s the only way to describe Nils Jansons skating. Pure unharnessed power. In an era where going big is nearly frowned upon, this kid still goes big.

Real big.

Getting a pro boot from Remz is something that only a select few have achieved, and Nils definitely earned it.

Remz Nils Jansons Pro Skate - Aggesssivemall

These are going to be yours for only $319 and are available here.

A subtle black and white color scheme hides the actual innovations on this skates. Like the HR skates that came before this one, the Nils comes with the new True Balance souls which alleviate the strange lean that comes with all the older Remz skates. While you scuzz balls might like your sprite heavy on the lean, these skates come with none.
And then the liner

Remz Nils Jansons Pro Skate Liner - Aggressivemall

Subtle changes like improved materials coincide with bigger switches, like a lace up system as well as a hard plastic piece on the tongue to alleviate the pressure of the buckles around your ankle.

As we have seen, Nils goes big. This shock absorber reflects that.

Remz Nils Jansons Pro Skate Shock and Insole - Aggressivemall

This shock absorber is 12mm, about double the standard Remz shock size, the liner comes equipped with the famous yellow jug insole that I have been trying to steal from Shawn Storm for the last 4 years.

Long story short, you best get theses skates before the Ducks get pissed.

New Aragon 6 in stock now!!

April 30th, 2014 by OLD MONEY

Razors is back at it like a crack addict with their new Aragon 6 SL Pro Skates.

Razor Brian Aragon 6 Pro SL Skate - Aggressivemall

These skates feature a new skin that is beefed up (like so much Wellington) in key areas to help ensure that your skates don’t resemble the shredded pork sandwich that I am going to eat while watching the Kings roast the Sharks after budsing the skatepark for a bit with about 3 or 7 of my homies and maybe a couple of their friends if they get off work in time to hit the park with us before we shake to get the glorious pork sandos. (Was that a run on? Couldn’t tell)

But anywho…

These skates come with the brand spanking new Featherlite 3 frames, and they retail for $299. Follow le link to see the skates.

Oh, and boot only?

Yea, we got that.

Razor Brian Aragon 6 Pro SL Skate Boot Only - Aggressivemall

$249 son!!! Click Here to peep le gamé.

Valo V13 Pro Setup Now Available!

April 15th, 2014 by OLD MONEY

The Valo V 13 is one of the hottest skates currently available, so we went ahead and made an ever better setup at a mouth watering price.


Lets take a quick look at the tick tock with these bad boys.

1. It starts with the super solid, lightweight, hella fresh looking Valo Forest Green V 13s (Pardon the rhyme, I guess i must be the lexicon don). These boots are the basis of every non carbon Valo, so their track record is superb.

2. Next is the Create Originals Frame. Solid, durable, and fast. Just like my women. You cant beat ‘em.

3. You can’t roll without wheels, and the Street Artist B Free 2014 wheels do not disappoint. They grip as well as any wheel out on the market, and with a 58mm diameter, they’ll last you a cool minute.

4. Want to roll fast? Amall SWISS. Nuff Said.

5. No time to mess around with junker non spinning antis. The Valo Brand Anti Rocker wheels come with bearings, so you can roll over cracks and bumps without worrying about supermanning into the pavement.

Long story short, if you were interested in some V 13’s, and to upgrade to some of the best parts available on the market, don’t sleep on the Pro Setup. A deal like this can’t be found anywhere else.

Razor Genesys 10 Skates

April 9th, 2014 by OLD MONEY

The Razors Genesys 10 skate is here sporting the classic black look that everybody is rocking these days.

Razor Genesys 10 Skate

You can check out the skates by clicking the link here.

For $199, there is only one thing that is better than the Genesys 10 skates, and that is the Razor Genesys 10 “Deluxe” Pack.

Razor Genesys 10 Deluxe Pack

The “Deluxe” Pack comes with the Gen 10 Complete skates, as well as everything else you see in that picture that I’m not going to name because, well, there is simply too much. The “Deluxe” Pack checks in at $279.99 so make sure to check it out here!.

Step your Speed Game up with Kaltik Frames

April 4th, 2014 by OLD MONEY

If you are anything like me, you want to go hella fast, but you also don’t want to stick when you are doing grind maneuvers at the ledges outside your local supermarket. In comes Kaltik. Hailing straight from Ireland, Kaltiks Stealth Flat Frame solves that issue with their simple, yet practical frame design.

Kaltik Stealth Flat Frame Black

The shape of the H Block helps ensure that even with bigger inner wheels, you will be sliding on plastic rather than sticking on Urethane. Check out all their frames by following this link here..

If you are looking for an instant upgrade, we have the Kaltik “Need For Speed” ready to roll.
Kaltik Need For Speed Ready to Roll
This setup comes locked stock with 8 Eulogy Chris Haffey Wheels (58mm) as well as Amall Swiss Bearings. If you are interested in riding flat, this deal is too good to pass up.

Create Originals Frames BACK IN STOCK

April 3rd, 2014 by OLD MONEY

Everyone’s favorite frame company is back in the game with a limited release of their black, white, and teal frames. If you were looking to get some Creates, the iron is very hot so i would suggest you strike ASAP.

Create Originals Black Frames

Create Originals Black Frame available for $65

Create Originals Frame White

Create Originals White Frame available for $65

Create Originals Frame Teal

Create Originals Teal Frame available for $65

They also sent over their new brand new Sprout Tee

Create Originals Sprout Tee

The Sprout Tee is available in black and retails at $23.95.

Don’t forget to check out their Pendants

Create Originals Pendants

The pendants are available in black or silver and retail for $19.95

Get them while you can! Vibralux Jeans

January 31st, 2014 by OLD MONEY

If you wear a size 26, 28, or a size 30, and you need new jeans on the cool, now is the time. Everybody’s favorite denim company Vibralux has a select number of jeans left for unbeatable prices.

First up to bat is Mr. Nolte’s favorite, the Alex Broskow Skinny Jean.

Alex Broskow Skinnys

$35, and we have them in 26, 28, and 30. You can’t beat that with a lead pipe. Peep them right schear.

Next to the plate is the Chris Farmer Pro Model number five thow wow. A classic skinny black jean that will bring out the Mötley Crüe in any of us.

Vibralux Farmer Jeans

Again, $35 bones and these can be yours. The only sizes we have left in these are 26 and 28, so you better snatch them up while you can right here.

If you want something a little bit different, the next batter up has got you covered. The Broskow V.2 Cords come in a cool light gray as you can see below

Broskow Cords

$25 dollars but only available in size 28. Check them out here.

Looking for good ‘ol fashion American staple that is almost as good as ice cream cake? VX has the Haffey Jeans available in good ole blue.

Haffey Jeans

$25 bucks and in a size 28, peep these right here.

The last batter up is non other than Chauncey LeRock. If you want something that will stand out a little bit more from the rest, then look no further.

Vibralux LeRock

$23 bucks makes this the cheapest pair of jeans that you can get without having to go to the Berryessa Flea Market. There are only a few left and they are in size 28, so you best cops these right here before the witching hour arrives. Check these out here.

Dalnas killing it. Per usual.

January 30th, 2014 by NOT DRE

If you rollerblade and you don’t know who Jeff Dalnas is…

This dude was doing harder shit than I will ever be able to before he could even drive an automobile. I’m not even joking. Check out this section he made at the in his early teens.

Jeff has also been known to dropp some hammers from time to time.
Some range from really big.

To just downright unfathomable, not even funny, Evel Knievel/King Kong ain’t got shit on me type stunts.

To top it off, dude is still one of the most technically talented rollerbooters in the game.

But anywho, just the other day, Jeff released his promo edit for his new skate. If you haven’t seen it, do yourself a favor and stop what you are doing to peep game one time.

Jeff Dalnas Pro Skate Promo from TheConferenceTV on Vimeo.

While there were plenty of crunk tricks in this section, that true soul on the square wall rail definitely is something that will haunt my dreams for days to come. What makes this even crazier is that this whole edit was filmed in around 3-4 days. Not weeks, daaaaays. Ask big time hot shot too Hollywood for his own good movie director Kyle Nolte how many clips he can get in 3-4 days if you still are not impressed by this.

Make sure you check out his first pro skate if you haven’t already. I believe Outkast was describing the skates in their hit song, So Fresh and So Clean.

USD Jeff Dalnas

For $369 it comes with Eulogies and Swiss bearings and is available here.

Meat Up Numero OcHo

January 23rd, 2014 by NOT DRE

You know the drill. Time to dust off the trusty knife and thongs (freudian slip) and fire up the grill. This month we are heading over to Menlo Park.


Drill is the same as it has always been:

You show up

You buds

You eat

You don’t bring no goddamn buns.

The skate park is located at Burgess Park in the city of Menlo Park. It is a short 5 minute skate from the Menlo Park Cal train station, which as you can see via Google, is HELLA FUAR.


Directions are madd simple. Take 101 to Willow street and exit heading west. Go till you hit the dead end a make a right. Park will magically appear on your right hand side.

IF YOU ARE COMING FROM THE EAST BAY, you are going to need bridge toll, so heads up. Don’t be that guy trying to pay with your debit card on the San Mateo Bridge.

Meat Up Foto Dropp

January 22nd, 2014 by NOT DRE

In case you were in Tahoe playing in the snow this weekend, here are some quick pictures from this Saturday’s Meat Up. Thanks to Gene for not going to the plant convention in San Jose and taking fotos instead.

Jordan Backside

Exhibit A features Jordan doing a mach 10 sit down backslide. While you can’t tell via the picture, Jordan was going so fast that the Union City PD hat to set up cones to clear out the landing. The effort to protect the skaters was a waste however, as Mike Toffey broke a nail in the ensuing collision. Our condolences.

Bander True Soul

Exhibit B features a startled Bander. Halfway through the trick he realized that he had dropped a quarter at the front of the ledge and in a desperate attempt to save it made a futile attempt to reach for it.

Cesar AO fish

Exhibit C features Cesar with an AO Fish. Cesar has been a long time fan of the Union City Skate park and in this picture he is demonstrating his satisfaction on the park selection. Way to keep it positive Cesar!


Exhibit D features Shawn Oberg (July’s Cash Clip Winner) doing a very strange variation of the Makio. Rather than grinding on his lateral soul plate, he is grinding on his medial soul plate, a very tough maneuver indeed. Additionally, he is also doing the grab in the same fashion, displaying a high amount of control and flexibility.

Rob G
Exhibit E shows a man who we have discovered is not human. His name: Rob G. Nuff Said.

Lil Brandon
Exhibit F features a sweet sweat stance by not so Lil’ Brandon. While Gene might be skinny, Brandon is still making a significant effort to lean away and not bash into the beloved cameraman.

Plum Paco
Exhibit G features the struggle, which is indeed real, of all the hungry rollerbladers attempting to sneak past a large Paco who was bogarting all the tacos. As you can see, in an effort to protect his gains, the grill is positioned behind the Paco. A very wise move.